iOS Basic

iOS Technology Layers

Cocoa Touch Fundamental infrastructure service used by iOS application
View controller  
Data protection  
File sharing  
Peer to peer services Peer to Peer over Bluetooth
Address Book  
Event Kit Calendar event
Map Kit  
Message Email Message
UIKit UI library
External Display  
Game Kit  
Media 2D and 3D drawing, audio, and video service
Media Player  
Image I/O  
Core Video  
Core Audio  
Core Text  
Core MIDI  
Core Graphics  
Core MIDI  
OpenAL Open standard Audio API
Quartz Core animation
OpenGL ES Open API standard for 2D and 3D graphics
AirPlay Streaming audio/video to Apple TV
Core OS services Fundamental interfaces to iOS services
Task dispatch  
SQLite Built in data base
In-app purchase  
Address book  
Core data  
Quick Look  
Mobile Core  
Foundation Framework  
Core telephone  
Core OS Fundamental interfaces to iOS core services
Math acceleration  
Hardware accessories Communicate with external HW
Power Management  
Mach OS kernel
File System  
Bonjour Automatic discovery of devices on IP networks